Frequently Asked Questions

What does my first visit look like?

For your first appointment, your general dentist, specialist, or physician will refer you. Please allow up to 3-7 business days for our receptionist to contact you and set up an appointment.

You will be scheduled for one of our consultation days, which vary from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

If you are under the age of 19, a parent or guardian must be present.

Once in the office, a medical history will be completed and given to our receptionists to process your information. Once ready, a Ceritified Dental Assistant will take you into one of our consultation rooms to go over your medical history, and review any questions you may have. Dr. Rea will then answer any questions you have in regards to your referral or planned procedure, and will go over your treatment plan with you personally.

Once you have your treatment plan from Dr. Rea, our front desk will process your information and collect your appointment fees. If you possess third party dental insurance and have provided us with the information, we will complete the necessary paperwork for reimbursement to you.

Will my insurance cover my appointment?

Depending on your insurance plan, your insurance may cover a portion of your visit.

Please be aware that Dr. Rea is a certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, therefore specialist fees are applied.

For your initial appointment, we collect your consultation and x-ray fee up front. We complete the claim submission on your behalf, so that you may get a possible reimbursement for your treatment.

When your surgery is booked, we will directly bill your dental insurance on the day of treatment. In order to have your insurance pay our office directly, we require a predetermination on file. A predetermination (or pre-authorization) is a document that shows that the insurance company has received an estimate request for your treatment. Some insurance companies will respond immediately to our office, while others may send the predetermination to the patient.

Please be aware that pre-authorizations are not promises of payment. If you go to the dentist, or use your dental benefits elsewhere, this may affect the amount your insurance company pays for your treatment.

How soon will my appointment be booked?

Please allow 2-7 days for our referral coordinator to process your information. Appointments require a consultation with Dr. Rea before we proceed to book treatment.

Depending on availability, your first appointment may be booked out between 2 weeks to 1 month.

Another variable in booking time is the type of treatment, which may require a certain day of the week. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule.

Why do I need a consultation prior to having my teeth extracted?

Every dental case is different.

Even though someone you know may have had local anaesthetic while having their wisdom teeth removed, it may be best for you to have them removed under IV sedation due to complexity of the case.

Until Dr. Rea is able to consult with you face to face in his office, he unable to make treatment considerations on your behalf.

Will my wisdom teeth removal be covered under MSP?

Any procedure completed in our office is not billable to MSP. If you are not covered under extended dental benefits, any surgery cost will be your responsibility.

Will I be put under sedation or undergo local anaesthetic?

During your consultation with Dr. Rea, local anaesthetic and IV sedation are two options that he may go over with you. It’s important to note the differences between the two, as some people cannot undergo IV sedation and require a local anaesthetic.

Dr. Rea will be the one to make the suggestion which may be best for your personal case.

What are the instructions I need to follow prior to my IV surgery?

Please see our IV surgery pre-operative hand out, located here, for detailed instructions.

Can I see Dr. Rea without a referral?

Certain cases do not require referrals. If you need a small amount of teeth removed, Dr. Rea will see you for a consultation and then your treatment can be booked another day.

If you require coordination with orthodontics, another dentist or specialist, we require a detailed referral from your office requesting the work needed.